31 01 2010

Rottingdean to home : 7.2 miles

Sunday morning equals football – at least it has for the last 4 years and probably the next 4, as my two sons play for Preston Panthers YFC.

I normally don’t like midday kick offs because the whole day seems to get taken up but it was nice to get a leisurely breakfast in for a change and catch two sets of the Murray-Federer match before setting off to Seaford. A frosty pitch was just playable and we got an impressive 6-3 win over Seaford Town Youth which now puts us 3rd, level with Polegate Grasshoppers and one point behind the leaders, Mile Oak Wanderers.  Six games to go and it’s getting very exciting.

I got dropped off on the way back and did today’s run from Rottingdean along the undercliff walk and back home. Thought I’d find out exactly how far I’d run and used MapMyRun as I keep hearing it mentioned. Very easy to use – just click on points along your route and the site calculates the distance travelled. It does a lot more than that as well but I’m not that interested to know how many  calories I burnt! I’m sure it’s a lot. As other people use the site, a database of runs is building up so I might take a look at which routes there are around Brighton.

Today’s target: 10km Did 11.58 km actually!


Parliament Hill

30 01 2010

Looking across London from Parliament Hill.

Today was a great day for a run – cool, crisp and uplifting. Instead of my usual Saturday morning Parkrun, I went up to watch my son run in the Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill in north London. We set off in the team coach at 8am from Withdean Stadium with about 30 other runners and parents but just before Gatwick, the coach was diverted off the M23 due an accident and we crawled along for nearly an hour until eventually arriving at 11.10. Disaster! We had missed the start of the U15 boys race. Such a shame as they have some talented runners and could have won the team event today. Despite the disappointment, the rest of the events were really fun to watch and I wish I had been able to do cross country at venues like this when I was the same age.

Got back after a 6 hour round trip just as Brighton fans were streaming out of the Withdean. Tomorrow yet more sport – Preston Panthers v Seaford Town U14s. Let’s hope there are no problems on the A27 –  at the least the match can’t start without us.

Today’s target: 20 min jog should have taken my running gear up to Parliament Hill but enjoyed a day off instead.

The vest is yet to come.

28 01 2010

It's all in your head.

Felt so tired this morning that I barely remember the first mile.  I think I was overtaken by a milk float along the Droveway but it could have been a dream! Surprisingly managed a time of 55mins for 6 miles. Starting to think I might just break 4 hours now but I really don’t know whether I can expect to keep up the same pace from start to finish. Thursday morning seems to be the quiet day of the week – very few cars. Far less busy than Monday at the same time. Finding it much easier to run in the road as the pavements are so uneven. Got back about 7am –  it was just beginning to lighten up. Looking forward to leaving in daylight.

My chosen charity, the NHDF, have sent me a tasty running vest which I’m sure will knock minutes off my time. Right now, it is taking second place to a thermal top but as soon as the weather warms up,  that vest is going to see some serious action!

Today’s target: 6 miles

Going that extra mile

26 01 2010

I’ve run 10 miles in one session before but today I felt I’d really achieved something by running just 6! Having run the same 5 mile route for a couple of weeks now, I was mentally winding down when I got near to the normal end of the route. The plan was to go an extra mile but the urge to just get home early was almost too much to resist. I managed to give myself a stern talking to and did the whole run after all. Can’t imagine how strong the urge will be to stop after 18 miles – that’s coming up in a month’s time. Oh joy!

Today’s target: 6 miles


25 01 2010

I’ve got used to stretching after a run but rarely do anything beforehand. Naughty boy!  I suppose it’s because I feel a bit pressured for time, first thing in the morning. I always want to get on with it but it’s also when I’m least flexible so I’ll have to be a bit more disciplined! Having just watched the stretching videos on the Brighton Marathon site I’ll try the warm ups as suggested and then the post run stretches – I do most of those anyway but probably for not as long as is recommended.

Today’s target: REST  🙂 


24 01 2010

Much as I enjoy runing a football team, there’s one thing that’s always on the back of my mind throughout the week – will we get a referee? This year, I’ve had to ref three games because the official referee has been moved to another  ‘more important’  match at the last minute.  I suppose it’s because there’s a shortage of qualified refs and when you hear of the abuse that some of them get, it’s maybe not so surprising.  As a way to earn some money, it’s not a bad rate – £20 per match give or take – and we’ve had some good teenage lads taking charge of our games.

Today, just 25 minutes before the start of the match, I got a call to say our referee was injured. Panic! No whistle and I’d left my stopwatch at home. Just managed to get home and back with 5 mins to spare. Not the best preparation for a game but at least we went on to win – nothing to do with me of course! That keeps our U14s team in 3rd place in division 4 of the Sussex Sunday Youth Football League

By the end of the game, I must have done the 5 miles that I was going to run today so didn’t go out for a ‘proper’ run. Rest day tomorrow!

Today’s target: 5 miles : well, I did 5 miles in a bit of a start stop fashion!

Parkrun stats

23 01 2010

A chart of my age graded score since I started Parkrun

After getting back from Parkrun and then football coaching on a Saturday morning, I normally start checking my emails, hoping the Parkrun results have been published for that morning. When the email arrives, it contains the following information:

  • time for the run
  • position in the field ( out of all runners)
  • position in field  (by gender)
  • number of completed parkruns
  • number of points you get for your place.
  • your total point for the current year

Call me a geek but I love all this. It’s probably why I’ve done so many Parkruns in the last year.

At the age of 46,  I’m not going to be threatening any 5k records but there’s an age graded score that’s calculated ( a percentage) which is a measure of how you are doing compared to other people of similar age. When I started Parkrun, nearly two years ago, my score was about 60%.  I think that 100% means you are the world record holder for that age category! Since then, I’ve tried to do at least one other training run a week and my score has moved up a little towards 75%. I think it’s because there’s a line at 75% that I want to get above it but it hasn’t got any special significance. As long as I have a target, I’m happy.

Today’s target: 20 min jog: did parkrun in 20:19 – a PB for this year.

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