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19 05 2010

Signs of life - at last. One of my shallots!

The allotment is now bursting with life. Potatoes, shallots and beetroot all going well but I’m wary of Brighton slugs and snails. They have a fearsome reputation. Went down to the Harvest garden in Preston Park and saw that each raised bed is protected with netting so that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend!

I’ve now entered for next year’s Brighton marathon but the training for that won’t start until January so have given myself a few  challenges over the summer:

1) New PB at Parkrun. Reckon I can do that if I keep going to Sam and Tony’s training at Withdean. Went last night and the format had changed again:
2 x 200, 2×300,600, 2×200,2×300, 1km, 2×300,1mile.  Hard work but enjoy it.

2) Run a 10k. Quite a few coming up. Will have to pick one before footy starts again.

3) Reach my target of £1000 for the Brighton marathon. I was close (£720) but I still have a couple of months to reach it. £280 – it can’t be that difficult….hmmm……maybe I’ll make a lot of cakes!

4) Write the blog at least once a week.

5) Go to more events in the Brighton Festival.  Had a great experience last Friday going to see Before I Sleep at the old Co-op building on London Rd. It was so incredible that I might try to see it again. Everyone I know who’s been  has been amazed by it and it’s got so many taking points.

That’s it.


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