Job done!

12 07 2011

Today, almost 15 months AFTER completing the Brighton marathon, I’ve finally reached my target of £1000.  I have a bit of a stubborn streak that wouldn’t let me close the Justgiving page on £750 and so, every month since, I’ve extended the deadline only to creep a bit closer to the target.

Anyway it’s done now and Ebay has been my saviour. I’ve managed to sell a lot of stuff and made use of Ebay’s charity policy of no fees if the sale price goes to charity.   It’s good to know that my old English Concertina, that tested the patience of the whole family, has now found a new life in Edinburgh.  Some are hoping I’ll do the same with the violin!

A big thanks to everyone who donated something. That £1000 has gone to a great charity and you’ve helped a lot of people with brain disorders.

The National Brain Appeal


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