Early morning blues, reds and oranges

28 01 2012

Brighton seafront at low tide just before sunrise on 11th Jan 2012. Photo by Paul Zara

The cold mornings have been less of a problem this year but it still feels wrong to go running in the dark.  I need a distraction when doing the longer runs and so most of my routes incorporate Brighton seafront at some point or another. The last few weeks have been great for seeing the light change just before sunrise.  Most visitors to Brighton probably don’t realise that Brighton has a sandy beach when the tide has gone far enough out.  Last week, the beach was dotted with the torchlight of anglers digging for worms.

The tiny white building on the hill is the Chattri.

It’s now only three weeks to go to the Brighton half marathon on 19th Feb. I’m running this year and my number is 1286. If I finish in that position I think I’ll have done pretty well! The event has grown in size to over 10,000 runners so anywhere in the first 9999 would be fine 🙂

To break up training a bit, I’m hoping to run past the Chattri monument in a circular route of about 12 miles.  I can just make it out as a small white dot on the Downs if I look out from our loft window.

And finally, it appears that this blog has been instrumental in bringing Steve Ovett’s statue back to life, so to speak. Just days after my last post, The Argus ran a headline:Brighton Olympian’s statue to return. I suppose it could just be coincidence.


Steve Ovett’s foot

1 01 2012

The start and finish of the Peace Mile in Preston Park is located near rose garden by the Rotunda cafe.

I’m starting to see a lot more of Preston Park as my training kicks in. It’s where the Brighton marathon will be starting in April.  The perimeter is about 2.2km so I’ve worked out that I only need to do 20 laps to equal a full marathon. That’s the sort of image I need to keep thinking of – only 20 laps! The collection of small white pyramid-shaped stones that once marked out the Peace Mile has all but vanished which is a bit of a shame although the start/finish stone is still there, commemorating  the International Year of Peace in 1986.

All that's left of Steve Ovett

With the 2012 Olympics just a few months away, you would think that Brighton would be making the most of its Olympic connections.  I remember the bronze statue of Steve Ovett before it was sawn off and stolen several years ago. All that’s left now is his right foot, launching the invisible middle distance runner to an Olympic gold medal.

To see something that has lasted a little longer than 20 years, you need to go to the other end of the park, near Preston Manor where you will find the two oldest English elms in Europe.

The Preston twins are over 400 years old.

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