Worthing 20

18 03 2012

Just before the start of the Worthing 20. I don't think I looked quite as cheerful at the finish 🙂

Feeling a bit low on energy right now after completing  the Worthing 20 this morning.

Well I made it but only just.  As I crossed the finishing line, it felt as though every muscle in my legs was going into cramp.  No way could I have done another 6 miles. Hopefully it has set me up for the Brighton marathon next month. Now I wondering if I should do another long run next week.  Dear God, I hope not.

Thought the event was really well organised and the marshals were great.

This video sums up how I’m feeling right now and by the look of it, things can only get worse tomorrow 😦



17 03 2012

Boccia is a paralympic sport at London 2012

Whilst I haven’t changed my running pace at all over the last few months, the marathon seems to be rushing closer at an increasing and worrying rate.  Tomorrow’s Worthing 20 is going to be a tough challenge as I haven’t managed more than 15 miles so far. At least it’s in stages.  I’m planning on doing 5 minutes of stretching between each of the 5 mile laps as I don’t want to end up so destroyed that I can’t run next week.

During the week I took a group of my physics students to a competition at Lee Valley Park , the home of several Olympic sports for London 2012.  The competition was based around the physics of a paralympic sport and we were introduced to  Boccia.  I’m embarassed to say I’ve never heard of it. All the more surprising because GB has a world champion, Daniel Bentley.  The rules are quite similar to Boules or Petanque but with softer balls that are similar to the weight and feel of juggling balls.

Daniel Bentley has Cerebral Palsy and he’s overcome a lot of difficulties in his life that makes the marathon seem pretty trivial by comparison. A really inspiring individual and very generous with his time to spend a whole day with us. Following a demonstration , it soon became clear that even with CP, Daniel was quite brilliant at the sport and none of us stood a chance at getting even a point off him!

Watch the video  Dan – driven to succeed

Undercliff walk

2 03 2012

Looking both ways along the Undercliff walk between Brighton and Rottingdean.

It was unusually warm last weekend,  making it almost impossible to resist a run along the seafront. @paulzara sorted out a route which took us along the coast road to Rottingdean and then back along the Undercliff walk. Every time I do that run, I remember that I’ve forgotten to look up the origins of the dark flint lines that run along the chalk cliff faces. I really enjoy this run – very uplifting when the weather’s fine. There can’t be many places where you can run along an SSSI.

On a rough day, when the tide is in, the Undercliff walk provides the ‘fun’ of the occasional surprise drenching as waves crash over the sea wall. Last weekend was so warm and calm that there were barely any waves but I did notice an interesting phenomenon called superposition that I just happen to be teaching my A level students. Waves reflected off the sea wall meet incoming waves and when they overlap, there is a sudden peak that just rises up out of the water. Ahhh physics!

Well that’s another 10 mile run in the bag. I’m going to have to raise my game a bit now though. Quite a few 15 mile+ coming. And @paulzara is now considering the Coastal Trail run at Birling Gap which includes a 2300ft ascent!! Not sure I’m up to that but it looks fantastic. Will probably do one more half marathon and then the Worthing 20 mile road race which is 4 laps of 5 miles on the flat. I’ve been thinking of doing a marathon in stages as one of my training runs, say 4 x 6.5 miles with a break after each stage but this would be similar.

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