The Parkrun idea is spreading!

12 04 2012

Parkrun gathers pace from humble start to runaway success.

Great story.  Give it another 10 years and there’ll be a parkrun in every country.


Low alcohol week.

12 04 2012
Beck's Blue alcohol free lager

Beck's Blue alcohol free lager

I was reminded yesterday that my self imposed ‘alcohol free week’ could be replaced by an alcohol free beer instead. With just one training session left before the Brighton marathon on Sunday, @paulzara got out a couple of bottles of Beck’s Blue alcohol free lager.  Quite refreshing and since it tastes so good, I reckon the marathon organisers should investigate having a couple of Beck’s refreshment points about the 20 mile mark. That should lift spirits no end 🙂

Friday morning is the last training run. Yey!  It will be a  ‘check out you running gear’ 5km and with any luck I will be injury free at the end and raring to go on Sunday. The forecast for Sunday is looking cooler, windier and wetter than either of the last two years. I think that should be good news. Wish me luck!

Two weeks

2 04 2012

This is about mile 19.

‘Tapering off’   has now started which is kind of a relief  after the 20 mile slog at Worthing 2 weeks ago. This week,  I’ve managed 20 miles over 7 days, including 11 miles this morning with @paulzara. To get into marathon mood, we ran the last 11 miles of the marathon course which takes you out to  Shoreham power station and back along the seafront to the finish on Madeira drive.  The organisers have modified the route this year so that you now have to do all of New Church Road and then double back on yourself. How cruel!  Despite this mental torture I did manage to get a dip in the sea after Paul wanted to test a theory that the sea water at Shoreham should be warmer because of the outflow pipe next to the power station.  Well, it was as cold as ever!  Although hardened runners rave about ice baths to help sore legs recover, I prefer the wimp’s version of standing in the sea for no longer than 30 seconds.  It definitely works, although I’m not entirely sure why. I’m going to try this on all of my seafront runs until 15th April .

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