Age graded stats

22 12 2015

I’ve never really paid much attention to age graded stats…until this week. For the first 2 years of parkrun, it was all about trying to get a PB. Then I started doing half and full marathons and my 5k times started trailing off – a pity because I love having a goal that is just out of reach. I’d hate to think I could NEVER get another PB but there’s a much better option (for me) and I’ve only just thought about it. My age graded percentage, when I got my last PB, was nearly 73%. My last run was almost bang on 69%, only 4% lower – so that’s my next challenge – to achieve an age graded ‘PB’.

There’s a handy Age Graded calculator at Running for Fitness that’s close to the one used by parkrun. You can pop in your target age graded percentage and it will give you the time you need to get it.

And if that is still too much of a challenge – just maintaining my current time will automatically give a me an improved Age graded result. At age 70, I’ll be over 80%. Happy days!





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