Here’s to the next million metres!

10 01 2016

On a day that saw 62 parkrun attendance records broken up and down the country, I reached a numerical milestone of my own at Hove Park today, running my 200th parkrun. Numbers at Hove were impressively high with the previous max of 533 being well and truly beaten into 2nd place with a new record of 583 – so high in fact that we ran out of tokens. With so much positive media coverage of parkrun recently and the inevitable New Year’s resolutions being put into practice, I suppose it wasn’s such a surprise.  My 200th run was also accompanied by several other notable stats! It was  my (at least) 200th black Americano at Hove park cafe –  and slightly fewer cooked breakfasts when the weather gets a bit chilly! I’ve gained so many great friends ( probably 200!) from my post run chats with good friends and fellow runners. I’ve definitely lost far more than 200 hours of sleep, getting up at 7am on a Saturday morning for the last 5 years or so. That is a positive, by the way. To have got up and done something early on a Saturday morning, always leaves me feeling I still have the whole weekend to play with.

Here’s to my next 200 5km parkruns,  my next 1000km and my next million metres! Looking forward to another Megametre 🙂



The smile is partly due to an imminent bacon sandwich but it was a fun morning all round.







2 responses

10 01 2016

That’s a great term – megametre. I might have to start using that.

10 01 2016

More impressive than a kilometre and more achievable than a Gigametre
Go for it!

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