Under 4% part 1

8 05 2016

As experiments go, this could run for some time! A while ago, I tried out some low alcohol beers that were around 0.5% but none really grabbed me as an alternative to real ale and certainly not something I’d choose in place of my favourite local ale, Harveys Sussex Best Bitter, which happens to be 4.0%. If the beer tastes good then I don’t really care what the ABV is and so finding the best beer under 4.0% sounds like a fun experiment.

Here are the first 4 I’ve tried. I won’t try to rank them as they were all very different types and flavours but I enjoyed them all.


  1. Hepworth: Sussex Ale. (3.5% ABV, 500ml)  Horsham, West Sussex.
    The only beer to be gluten free and suitable for Vegans.
  2. Brewdog: Dead Pony Club (3.8% ABV, 330ml) Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, Aberdeenshire.
    This has an amazingly strong citrus aroma (grapefruit) and really refreshing in summer.
  3. Firebird: Two Horses (3.8% ABV, 330ml) Rudgwick, West Sussex.
  4. Harveys: Blue Label (3.6% ABV, 500ml)
    Much like Harveys Sussex Best bitter – will definitely try this again.
    The only bottle in this group that can be returned to be washed and refilled. (Why can’t more do this?)For a great blog on ale and running read https://thealerunner.com/

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