Get Into Running #2

1 02 2016

I’ve just completed the poster for the 2nd evening of running talks, organised by myself, Paul Zara, Kevin Betts and Nick Rivett. Same format, same great Exeter Street Hall  and another great mix of speakers coming to share their running experiences. Fancy coming?


There are some truly inspirational stories out there about why people get into running. In our 2nd evening of talks to be held at Exeter Street Hall on Friday 12th Feb, we have a mixed bag of running treats!

The evening is an informal event with some wonderful examples of why running has had a positive impact of the lives of so many people.

Come and join us – doors open at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start. We aim to finish around 8.30pm or soon after. There is a licenced bar and entry is free.

Our guest speakers include:
Caroline Wood, Joan Lennon and Carol Killick – all active runners who have represented Great Britain recently.
John Jaap will be giving a report on the first parkrun at Bevendean Down.
Tess Agnew is a fitness blogger from Brighton and she is also Sussex Ambassador for This Girl Can. Enthusiasm guaranteed! You can follow her blog here
Brendan Spellman was once homeless in Brighton. Running and friends helped to turn his life around. He now works for Emmaus in Brighton

Look forward to seeing some of you on Friday 12th Feb!
Pete Golton



Bevendean Down parkrun

24 01 2016

This morning’s trial parkrun at Bevendean Down, Brighton,  was an uplifting experience despite the  foggy conditions.  Brighton is lucky enough to have 3 parkruns already with around 1000 runners starting out each Saturday morning. We are, of course,  the  #CityOfRunners 🙂 Now with the opening of Bevendean Down we have a 4th course that is unique in being entirely off-road and a bit more challenging than the others. In fact, I got a flash back to x-country runs from my school days as my trail shoes squelched in the mud!

Going for a PB? Don’t! My run today was 25 mins or so – at least 3 minutes longer than my normal tarmac performance at Hove park but I came away totally exhilarated after running on downland that is within the South Downs National Park. It’s going to be even more spectacular when the weather improves.

bevendean down parkrun

It’s a two lap course with just enough gradient to make it a challenge. I loved the gentle downhill section which must be around 500m or more in length. A chance to get your breath back!

After the run, Paul and I  headed off for our traditional post run coffee, this time at The Bevy pub. As I entered the front door, I was greeted with “Tea or coffee?”  The Bevy, Brighton’s only community owned estate pub,  is going to open for the regular 9am parkrun, starting on 6th February. I’ll definitely be back.


The planets are lining up!

20 01 2016

I heard on the radio this morning that a rare astronomical event is about to happen. When I say rare, I mean about once every 10 years. Early morning runners who are out before sunrise, should be able to see four and maybe five planets all lined up as if lying on an imaginary diagonal line in the sky – something called the ecliptic plane of their orbits. Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be easy to spot but Mercury will also be there, just visible on the horizon just before dawn. The image below is a screenshot from Stellarium, a program that lets you ‘see’ the night sky from any location on Earth, at any time in the past or future. I love it. This is the view I should get looking from Brighton.  My run along the seafront lets me look South out to sea so the planets should all be visible on a clear morning. Although I don’t really need an incentive to go running, especially with marathon training well underway, a little bit of astronomy helps takes the edge of those cold, dark mornings.


The night sky looking from Brighton on 25/1/16


17 01 2016

It’s not my usual habit to break up a training run to stop for tea and cake but Saturday was a day for changing plans. You’ve got to make the most of the weather when snow is forecast  so the long Sunday run was shifted a day earlier. The aim was to jog a gentle 6 miles to Rottingdean via Ovingdean – a new route for me but I’ve convinced myself that my most enjoyable time running is when I don’t really know where I’m going!

windmill rottingdean

Beacon Mill, Rottingdean

By the time I reached Rottingdean, passing by the Windmill that I normally only see from the bus, I still felt like running a bit further. A quick refuel at Molly’s cafe, down on  the undercliff walk (recommend the chocolate coated seedy flapjack!) and I was good to go back to Brighton via Balsdean and Castle Hill. In all, 23km with a 20 min tea break. Despite the lack of continuity, the run was tough in both directions owing to the gradient (12% on Bear Rd) and mud everywhere so I wont be too hard on myself. In fact I might even do it again! Training for Brighton half marathon feels like its going in the right direction – soon I’ll have to up my distances for the marathon itself in April. Yummy.

Legs a bit weary today but spirit lifted by a lovely walk-pub lunch-walk along the coast at West Itchenor. The Ship Inn is worth a visit – nice food.

Got home to see this funny  video posted about the Tring parkrun. Enjoy!


Top of the table!

8 02 2010

Preston Panthers U14s

Yesterday was  a special day. We started our match against Mile Oak Wanderers just one point behind top spot. Just to be in this position is special in itself. In four years, the current Preston Panthers U14s have usually finished in the lower half of the table and it looked like things would be much the same this year. After 5 matches, the table read P5, W2, L3.

I’d like to say it was a Capello-like injection of discipline from the manager that turned things around but in truth, it’s been a great team effort. Seven wins on the trot and yesterday’s match turned out to be our 8th. For the next week we can enjoy being top, even if it is on goal difference!

Got back from the game and psyched myself up to go on a 15 mile run out to Rottingdean and back. I set off with Jelly Babies in pocket and Lucozade in hand. Felt great going out, taking little sips every 15 mins or so. On way back started to get aches but they soon disappeared with stretching so must remember to do that more often. Got home 2.5 hours later – not that tired but aching like mad. Had hot bath and then nearly fell asleep. A friend phoned today and said that what I really needed after a long run was to stand in a bin full of ice-water. Apparently it helps the recovery! Hmmmmm.


31 01 2010

Rottingdean to home : 7.2 miles

Sunday morning equals football – at least it has for the last 4 years and probably the next 4, as my two sons play for Preston Panthers YFC.

I normally don’t like midday kick offs because the whole day seems to get taken up but it was nice to get a leisurely breakfast in for a change and catch two sets of the Murray-Federer match before setting off to Seaford. A frosty pitch was just playable and we got an impressive 6-3 win over Seaford Town Youth which now puts us 3rd, level with Polegate Grasshoppers and one point behind the leaders, Mile Oak Wanderers.  Six games to go and it’s getting very exciting.

I got dropped off on the way back and did today’s run from Rottingdean along the undercliff walk and back home. Thought I’d find out exactly how far I’d run and used MapMyRun as I keep hearing it mentioned. Very easy to use – just click on points along your route and the site calculates the distance travelled. It does a lot more than that as well but I’m not that interested to know how many  calories I burnt! I’m sure it’s a lot. As other people use the site, a database of runs is building up so I might take a look at which routes there are around Brighton.

Today’s target: 10km Did 11.58 km actually!

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